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Reppin': Skutter

Switch on your Paedar - It's a thread about Hard Candy- Alternate title: Snip-Snip.

Dialogue from films that has worked its way into your life- Do you find yourself quoting lines from movies because you don't have a real sense of humor?

Body of Lies - Ridley Scott Makes a Movie with Russell Crowe- CIA agents, subterfuge, intrigue, backstabbing, A-rabs...Just the usual spy fare.

Repo the genetic opera- CrazyPanda describes this movie better than I could: "Its a rock opera movie set in a dsytopian future with organ harvesters, gothic lolitas, addictive drugs, scalpel sluts, intense violence, and some of the best damn music around."

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Reppin': bulbous nub

Futurama: The Movies and Beyond - How long until someone mentions Fry's dog? It's in the first reply? Son of a BITCH!

Amazing Race 13 - Premieres September 28th on CBS at 8PM - Something to tide you over until Cold Case.

I Love Attention: The VH1 Thread - Why'd you fuck us last year VH1? The Fireman and ourselves earned the right to be on that show, but you screwed us and you know it.

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