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Of Maus and Supermen: I did my dissertation about comics - Symptomless Coma did his... Well, you get the idea. What's interesting is that he actually finished it and posted it for everyone to read.

Help! I've been hired to run a comics shop! - Ah! That old dream where you're running a comic book shop but you forgot your pants at home and Wonder Woman is laughing at your very small penis.

Oversized Hardcover Appreciation Thread Volume 4 - You've read comic books - now try really big comic books! They can even sit on a bookshelf with your DVDs and action figures.

Funny Panel of the Week: - Thanks, Lamuella

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Video games for FREE* and for $5 SHIPPED - Instead of stuffing a delicious, goon-approved baconator down your gob, why not get a fun video game to play instead? It's roughly the same price, but tons healthier!

It's finally here...the iBook Extravaganza! - Looking to dip your feet into the world of mac, but don't want to pay the exuberant prices for a new one? Check out this thread and get yourself a decent one on the cheap.

GTA4 LE Clearance at Target - You haven't played GTA 4 yet? What in the hell is wrong with you?!? Get yourself over to this thread, and then down to Target, for this highly awesome, yet a YMMV deal.

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