~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno
Have you ever been polishing your extensive gat collection, then stopped to longingly look at your keyboard and wish you could discuss cleaning your guns with somebody? Who hasn't? That's what I want to know.

AV-8B Shit - Proof that jar heads can mash keyboards and wiggle flight controls without destroying millions of taxpayer dollars.

My Bow's longer than your bow* - *Not actually related to penis size or archery.

HERCULES! The C130 Thread - This thread is about moving rubberized dog feces from one side of the globe to the other on the US taxpayer's dime.

+10 Bow of Gamefowl Beheading - Who needs arrows when you can use BULLETS.

Crazies at the Range - Share your stories about jackasses, pricks, and crazy assholes who try to kill themselves and those around them at the range.

Concealed Carry on a Greyhound - Why you'd want to conceal a gun on a dog is beyond me, but PMW decided to ask the question anyways.

December 7, 1941 - "A Day that shall live in infamy"

TenementFunster Appreciation Station - Glory be to The Firing Range our one true saviour giant asshole has returned from his banishment to the gates of hell AR-15.com.

Preparing for Disaster, The Argentine Economic Collapse - PC LOAD LETTER plagiarized more text about surviving the argentine collapse than the average undergraduates term paper.

A Quick Home Security Primer (And Home Defense, For that Matter) - A former locksmith/home security technician passes on some home security tips and tricks he's picked up from his trade.

~*~ Goons With Spoons ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Wiggles
If you've gotten as far as to read Internet articles about Internet forums (as you apparently have) but you're still not killing yourself by eating dishes of incredible unhealthiness devised by fellow Internet people, well I just don't know what to do with you.

Don Perignon, worth the price? - "Dang, everyone's whipping out their e-peens."

Guerrilla Cuisine? - Underground adventuresome eating. Also PBR.

Nitrogen's Bread Adventures: Part One - Bread is the cornerstone of Western Civilization.

I just ate dog. - Pet Island crosspost that should have been.

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