Veryslightlymad posted:

I like my steaks like I like my women: Bloody.

Seriously, though, Medium-rare.
Gnack posted:
Me too: Hot on the outside, pink on the inside and cut into bite sized chunks.
Earthling posted:
Well Done steak is for fucking retarded people, even if you aren't a steak connoisseur.

That being said, I take my steak medium rare. But what the hell is wrong with A1? Don't you guys find that the steak is pretty bland without it?

I mean, I've eaten steaks without A1, but they're... too natural or something, I don't know. A good analogy would be how Grapes are sweet and tasty, but Welch's Grape fruit snacks are sweeter and tastier. Does anyone know what I mean? I guess I'm some kind of steak freak.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I eating the wrong kind of steak, or am I eating at the wrong places?
CompFreak posted:
I've been trying to lose weight for a while now and it helps to have some outside motivation. Ever eat something and then feel bad about it later, or right away? Like you just canceled out your last workout or something? Post about it here and we'll scold each other in a constructive way.

I'll start.

Today the lunch place at work didn't have anything good so I was going to get a salad but a coworker suggested we go out to the Chinese buffet. It's not a place I'd think to go, trying to lose weight and all, but I went. I stuffed my face to the point of immobilizing myself. It was really good. I was going to go for a walk after work but ended up watching TV instead. This has been a real failure of a day.

Here's one from a few weeks ago I'm still ashamed of. My brother moved back to school and left a bunch of food here. One thing he left was a package of pitas. I don't really like most things people put in pitas, so I used them to scoop peanut butter out of a jar. I washed it down with strawberry milk. By the time I was done I had eaten 4 pitas, half a jar of peanut butter, and drank about a half gallon of whole strawberry milk. I almost puked later but it was still really good.
MallcoreMotion posted:
I'm trying to cut out soda and I was doing such a good job until Monday. It was my brother's birthday and we had stromboli, chocolate cake and mountain dew. Oh it was amazing, I wanted to throw up later. The next day, more mountain dew, more cake, more stromboli. Still felt sick. So I was good for the rest of Tuesday, and then today I had sooo much for lunch. Damn, school lunches. Actually, it's not their fault, it was just a really packed cafeteria and I was trying to grab whatever I could before I left for class. So... Today I ended up having half a quesadilla with mystery filling, a baked potato with cheese and bacon and broccoli. Oh and 3 cookies :/ And mountain dew. I do really well when I'm not eating at school.
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