controltrek posted:

I reached my ATM daily withdrawal limit once at Larry Flint's Hustler Club on Bourbon Street. I didn't have enough cash for the cab driver to take me all the way to my hotel so he dropped me off about 7 miles short in a terrible neighborhood. I know it was a terrible neighborhood because I found a cop and he told me it was and when I asked him for a ride he told me also that he is not a taxi cab. I found a couple real nice ladies who were gonna let me sleep on their floor until day light, but luck took over at about 3:00 am when a young fella in a mini-van happened by. He could only take me about a mile from my hotel where I was resigned to walking the rest of the way. I twisted my ankle on the journey climbing a fence that separated east and west bound traffic. So, I blew $600, walked a mile, twisted my ankle, and risked my life in a bad neighborhood all for a stripclub. It was well worth it.
NullSpace posted:
The neediness ends when you get shit on enough times in relationships. It makes you numb, really. Once you realize that you only really need yourself, the neediness goes out the window. A lot of people call this "loving yourself before loving others" but that's not completely accurate, I don't believe. It's more like "learn to depend on yourself so you don't need to depend on others."

If this means being alone for enough time that you learn how to do this, so be it. Take it from my personal experience, if you keep falling into needing other people you'll find yourself in lots of weird relationships that you're in only because you don't want to be alone.

Then again, I fall into the camp that people "want" relationships, they don't really "need" them.
draazu0l posted:
Ok guys, I have a problem. See, me and my girlfriend have been going out for the past 3 years, and shes really great. I'm 20, and she's 17. I like her a lot and get her tons of stuff and we hang out a lot (usually watching a movie or playing games or something). Recently I got her a Nintendo DS, and she really likes it and shows it off to her friends. Right now I'm inbetween jobs and I'm taking a rest before I start a longass job search. I won't be able to get my girlfriend as many nice things, but she understands. Anyways, me and my girlfriend have never had sex. We both understand that she's not ready yet, even though we've been going out for a while. We're both still virgins, but that's not the problem.

Fast forward to my dilemma..

I've seen my girlfriends vagina before (I was at her house and I peeked in her room to see if she was ready to go to the movies, but she was putting on her underwear), but what I saw was a large amount of hair on it. Like, even more than guys have down there. I already knew that she had some minor back hair, but that didn't bother me as much as this. It grosses me out, but [b/]she is asian and I think that's a part of her culture. I want to convince her to shave it, because I know that when we finally do it, it's not going to feel good with all that hair on her, and it's a lot more clean without all the hair trapping in the gunk. How do I go about convincing her to shave "down there"?
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