Night Wrestler Visual Expert Corner

Let's talk about some of the things you think you saw in Mommy and Daddy's room last night when you opened the door without knocking which you should never, ever do. First, start by drawing what you think you saw. Sort of an overview or summary. You don't have to get into the extreme details now.

Very nice. Verrrrry nice. Mommy and Daddy were definitely not mad, mad at you, hurting each other, it's not your fault, they're not getting a divorce, and the bee man was their friend. Probably.

Let's take a closer look at some of the things going on last night. Do you have any questions? And I mean you, not me.

What were the things on mommy that looked like swinging heads?

No idea. Next.

What was the thing with the skin arms, the rectangle on Daddy?

A bird? Not sure, that drawing is really a piece of bullshit. Can you be more specific? What was it doing? Was it making any calls?

It was pointed at Mommy.

A gun. That was Daddy's gun. The one he keeps inside his stomach. His secret gun.

It looked like bee man was going to sting them. Was bee man going to sting them?

Yes, but you have to understand that bee man was going to help them, not hurt them.

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