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  • Perfect World

    Perfect World

    I am seriously not trying to pick MMOs from Asia. It just happens. STOP MAKING SHITTY GAMES ASIA!

  • PlaneShift


    I have nothing to say about this game other than it sucks shit.

  • Dream of Mirror Online

    Dream of Mirror Online

    Okay so I barely played this game because I got into the WotLK beta. Do you really blame me?

  • Pirates of the Caribbean Online

    Pirates of the Caribbean Online

    We be pirates this bi-week and we are a hardy crew of goons that do something. I can't pull off a pirate imitation.

  • Rumble Fighter

    Rumble Fighter

    Rumble Fighter made me hate the entire fighting game genre. I already hated anime and the Korean game development industry but why did you bastards make me hate fighting games???

  • Requiem: Bloodymare

    Requiem: Bloodymare

    Oh look Korea makes another shitty MMO. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!?

  • PowerUp: The Game!

    PowerUp: The Game!

    I hated this game so much it actually made me want to waste energy. IBM helped make the worst (and possibly only) educational MMO. Jerks.

  • Ruin Online

    Ruin Online

    Seriously though, Age of Conan is going to be a pile of crap. Terrible graphics, Clunky interface, and naked people are the common points of Ruin Online and that horrible game. I don't even mention Age of Conan in my article!

  • Exteel - Stupid Anime Robots

    Exteel - Stupid Anime Robots

    Anime robots are the worst thing on this earth and should be purged in a giant robot holocaust. We already have trash dumps so there should be minimal expense.

  • GunZ Online

    GunZ Online

    Gunz Online is another game that sucks ass. Not to say it is the worst game I have had to review but when you have to rip off Lord of the Rings (even though there is only one ring) for a video game you have gone too far! STAR WARS IS THE ONLY TRUE TRILOGY.

  • ASDA Story

    ASDA Story

    ASDA Story is a pile of crap with stupid crap everywhere. Soulmates and vagina caves couldn't save this game from mediocracy.

  • Kart Rider and Hatemail!

    Kart Rider and Hatemail!

    This time I review Kart Rider which is a giant Mario Kart rip off. The game is pretty horrible but I also included a piece of hate mail to make up for it. May the force be with you.

  • Dark and Light

    Dark and Light

    Dark and Light is basically a pile of garbage that I could have putt together by opening up my butt cheeks and pushing really hard. From now on I will be reviewing REALLY crappy MMOs made by teenagers.

  • Kicks Online

    Kicks Online

    Come join me as I get kicked in the nuts online in Kicks Online! I wanted to eat the end of a gun every minute while playing this game! Hooray!

  • The Sims Online

    The Sims Online

    The Sims Online is still a pile of garbage. This article, however, may only be a small clump of garbage!

  • Manga Fighter

    Manga Fighter

    I can't tell you how fucking much Kidney stones hurt. What also hurt was reviewing this piece of shit game.

  • Ultimate Baseball Online 2007

    Ultimate Baseball Online 2007

    Balls a swingin' with Ultimate Baseball Online 2007. Wait, I meant bats not balls. Heh Balls don't swing in this game.

  • Tyra's Virtual Studio

    Tyra's Virtual Studio

    After Anna Nicole Smith choked on painkillers, the dumbest person on the planet became Tyra Banks. This is her game.

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