Searching for fan art proved to be difficult this time around since the useless search feature turned up nothing and most people were too busy arguing about some dumb anime game. Luckily, the good folks at Goonzu included an art section on the main site, however, all of the pictures were screen shots. Unsatisfied with the "fan art" I found on the main page, I ventured to various Goonzu websites which where packed to the gills with countless abominations.

If I had the misfortune of being "BooKwOrmz" I definitely would not put my name on this piece of garbage.

"J0hnny" decided to be a bit more realistic when drawing himself. Take out the horse and pumpkin midgets and you just be left with a fat Asian kid in glasses.

"Lilika Sayaku" went for the "borderline furry pedophilia" angle and nailed it dead on.

This lonely sap decided to create a life sized cut-out (sans an eye and legs past the knee cap) from cardboard.

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