To my surprise, most of the email I receive (very little) is comprised of fan mail or suggestions of games I should review. However, On March 19, 2008 I was graced with my very first piece of hate mail which put a giant smile on my face.

So if people's English are not as "perfect" as yours is a guild and we use shortcut also considered as wrong?You think you're so great arent you? In ur "Ran online" Article all you said was just bullshit and most arent even up to the facts.

Your Link is outdated ,that company lost their holdings on publishing Ran Online last year to Myrosso . But why are you playing that server during that time?

"When first visiting their site, you are greeted by a woman bent over with blood splattered behind her. She seems pretty happy about it so I figured that she didn't want the baby anyway."

Oh wow,you're so grand ain't you? Its just an image and you had to imagine abortion? What a piece of scum you are in deed!

Oh ,and i cant help but to notice this:
"I thought the broken English was bad on the site until I found the forums. I am not exaggeration when I say every single post on their forums looks like this or this and they all have equally obnoxious signatures that take up four times as much space than their actual posts. To my surprise and disappointment, there wasn't a lot of fan art or crappy comics on the forums. In fact, I could only find two drawings by the some guy with an out-dated scanner. The screen shots I saw didn't really give off a "virtual reality" feel as one was of a giant angry nurse and the other of a knock off ghost buster."

So if people's English are not as "perfect" as yours is a guild and we use shortcut also considered as wrong? We chat like normal in there also wrong? Insulting people as if you're better? Fuck Off dude! And so what if people draw? Out-dated scanner? So? You talk so many about people? Have u seen yourself? And the screenshots of that so called "giant angry nurse" is from private server which the character was edited. You got mention? And knock-off ghostbuster? Hey fucker,you think everything needs to be not a reference to others? Or a slight similarity?

Furthermore seeing your pathetic arrogant article:
"However before I could take four steps outside, some guy challenged me to a duel. I figured I could show up all the hot chicks played by other guys with my stick swinging skills. However, he was about 400 levels higher than me and killed me in one hit. I was humble about it and declared that it was a good fight regardless of the outcome. The jerk then taunted me by trying to give me things I couldn't even use!"

Wow,i see that character I'd say only around 20-30 levels higher,and u said 400??? The level cap limit is 200 and that time the highest also around 180. When you're a noob just dont make stupid comments. Humble? Jerk? I see you're the jerk here,and acting so snobby about it.

And you became stuck because of your lousy connection. And gigantic orange swords? People got +7 (You might complain,so PLUS SEVEN) weapon also you jealous? Fuck off!

Who'd be a fan of your retarded comments. Self-centered Retard. Go take a look in a mirror please.See how it crack upon reflecting your pathetic pig headed face.

And you know whats "Something Awful" ? The imbecile writer , Steve Grant Khad himself. The most awufl thing in the planet. o0o

So learn your lapsap mistake la HamKaChan! You wan know what it means? Go find urself la Cibai!

- Matsumoto Rangiku

I think my favorite part of the entire email would revolve around this one sentence: "So if people's English are not as "perfect" as yours is a guild and we use shortcut also considered as wrong? We chat like normal in there also wrong?" To show him I had no hard feelings I sent him this autographed picture.

I believe the added lens flare brings out my eyes.

I hope this cheers up Matsumoto and he has a wonderful time playing Ran Online -- one of the worst games I had to review.

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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