I think he dyes his hair.*Giant pink glowing katanas sold separately.In between selecting whatever option would get Max off my screen long enough to do something in this game, I killed slugs. I would randomly receive a party invite and reject it immediately until I found out why. The absolutely crowded game has so few creatures to kill that it is impossible to progress by yourself. A few seconds later, I accepted the next party invite to come my way and basically sat in a corner while everyone else killed slugs. My antics would not last forever as after leveling up six times and gaining a few thousand Noah (the game's currency) , I received a swift kick in the ass and out of the group.

As I sauntered to town I noticed that I somehow completed two quests and after turning them in for very little experience, I decided to upgrade my equipment. I encased myself with [Leather Pants of Sexiness +3] and grabbed two rusted swords to get ready for my next challenge: bandicoots.

Before I could bludgeon a bandicoot with my blunt sword I received another invite to a group. To make sure I didn't help, I ran around aimlessly so that it appeared I contributed to the group. My plan went off without a hitch until my party disappeared, leaving me with no way of locating them. Lonely and forced to actually play, I clicked from bandicoot to bandicoot and noticed that even though my character held two swords, he only swung one of them most of the time. I didn't care enough to figure out why and just continued to click on things until they died.

RAGGGHH FUCK YOUI never got to fight any giant pissed off snowman. That would have actually made this game interesting.

Knight Online World is full of so many blatant annoyances I am surprised anyone, even stupid, plays. Not only did Max make me want to go out and find a kid that looked like him to strangle but every thirty seconds some giant yellow text popped up to give me a useless tip.

Another little annoyance is how my character moved around in the game. I could either use the WASD keys to move or just click and my character would try unsuccessfully to get to his destination. I honestly lost count of how many times he got stuck in a wall, plant, or fountain.

The only city in the game is crowded with player merchants selling expensive junk and spamming the chat channels. I tried to buy a sword from some guy but since he didn't speak English and I didn't understand what "can helli can????" meant, I decided to just close the game instead.

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