As mentioned previously, Knight Online World has one of the worst communities I have ever seen. UncreativeFacesmash and Tipps helped me find the most pathetic posts that existed on these forums and considering the sheer amount of garbage we found, I would be surprised if they ever helped me again.

I found a web comic that one of their members created. It is so bad that I could probably do an entire page on this guy alone.


I decided to give it a shot and make my own comic strip in the style of Mike Malyszko.

Bryon1122 should really work for Comedy Central. Though I am sure they probably did this joke thirty times by now.

It is said that Life is like a roller coaster. This guy's life is more like one of those merry-go-rounds outside of Wal-Mart.

I hope this idiot's children jump off of a roof out of irony and the salvation of humanity.

Ugh! I hate stereotypes.

I am a level 70 American with an epic 1993 Ford Escort mount.

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