Hydrogen: If this were any other movie I'd believe that this scene was making fun of the girl for being a sociopath/airhead, but I'm pretty sure the message we're intended to take away is that she's normal and he's just socially awkward.

Trillaphon: Worse, I think she's supposed to be the smart one.

Trillaphon: What well-adjusted teenage boy wouldn't jump at the chance to do some girl's homework for her while she swims in his pool and texts her friends about what a dumbass he is?

Hydrogen: Ah, young love.

Trillaphon: Seriously, that girl is hunting his schlong like a Cossack aristocrat binging on ursine adrenal glands. "She keeps coming back for tutoring and rubbing stuff on me and I don't think she really even needs tutoring - girls sure are weird!"

Trillaphon: She's putting out a Fuck Me APB and he's playing fugitive.

Hydrogen: Yeah, as awful a character as she is, the son here isn't exactly going to win any personality awards.

Trillaphon: He has personality, in the sense that he's more neurotic than Larry David playing George Costanza in a Seinfeld remake directed by Woody Allen with all of the comedy surgically removed.

Hydrogen: Sure does make you want to punch him through the screen, doesn't it?

Trillaphon: One day someone is actually going to develop that technology, and on that day we will be kings.

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