Operating Instructions

Once your Delta-7 unit is fully powered, its sophisticated neural coprocessor will immediately seek out the deadliest weapon within 20 feet and use its Extendo-Matic(tm) cyber-arms to acquire it. This will allow your unit to quickly and efficiently dispose of your designated human target(s). If the Extendo-Matic(tm) arms do not return to their original length within 6 hours, please consult a qualified bio-mechanical technician in your home zone.

If no weapon is found, or if the weapon is insufficiently cool, your unit will attempt to power down automatically, but there is a 30% chance it will suffer a critical logic overflow and self-destruct. It is strongly recommended that you only switch on the Delta-7 unit in a medieval torture chamber, Wal-Mart sporting goods department, or spartan cinder-block ultimate bachelor pad which has at least six of the following weapons lag-bolted to the wall: shotgun, katana, crossbow, pair of sais, boxing gloves, harpoon gun, laser pistol, or machete.

Please note that if you have purchased the Delta-7B budget mutant cyborg model, it will be capable of unarmed ham-fisted karate-chop based combat only. You can determine your model type by calculating the prime factorization of the serial number printed underneath your unit's Cyber Sunglasses(tm) and translating to hexadecimal code.

Once your unit is fully prepared for combat, you can adjust its target acquisition mode by using the provided Allen wrench in port 41-J (see attached schematic.) User adjustment of nearby port 41-I (Subatomic Fusion Core Calibration) is not recommended and will void the warranty.

By default, your Delta-7 MHDC will operate in "flytrap" mode, waiting for passing humans to jump into its outstretched arms before disposing of them.

Other possible behavioral settings include Roving ADHD Search, Mug and Forget; Leisurely Midnight Saunter, Pick Up Some Smokes at the 7/11; and Obsessive-Compulsive Corner Peeping.

These behaviors have been carefully designed by our Delta-7 software engineers to mimick the full range of behaviors ordinary humans engage in and thus best meet our average customer's human disposal needs. If you need a custom Delta-7 behavior for your unique situation, we recommend ordering the D7R Reprogramming Circuit Board Kit (catalog number #437A-007R, not included with Delta-7 MHDC starter kit).

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