Safety Guidelines

To ensure safe and smooth operation of your Delta-7 MHDC, please do not operate the unit in the vicinity of open fires, street gangs led by Billy Idol's shiftless cousin Billy Idle, cyborg mutant hunter gumshoes, or while you are under the influence of psychotropic full-contact exotic dancers.

If you have purchased multiple Delta-7 units, ensure that no more than 3 cyborgs gather in the same room at the same time; a dangerous and potentially fatal "stooging effect" may occur in large groups of Delta-7 MHDCs without careful supervision.

In the unlikely event that the Delta-7 threat acquisition system mistakenly locks on to you or a family member you do not wish to dispose of, effeminate hand gestures and/or Class 6 serial rapist grins can be adopted to temporarily cause a critical logic overflow and shut down your Delta-7 unit for reset.

Once the unit has been temporarily incapacitated, calmly but quickly press the "Factory Reset" button located conveniently inside the unit's mouth receptacle. Some sparking and assorted explosions are normal.

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