General Blogging

Scrap-booking the void.

Dropping dangerous deets.

Pre-humiliating yourself.

Sabotaging the job hunt.

Spilling the blandest beans.

Zeroing the comments.

Sharing with the searchbots.

Video Game Blogging

Arguing with the Game Genie.

Letting EA pay the bills.

Venting about cover systems.

Defending Nintendo.

Amping the PR.

Deconstructing Taki's jiggle.

Relationship Blogging

Slut-shaming boys.

Raising the Google warning flags.

Explaining the BJ allergy.

Ill-advising the inadvisable.

Revising last night's argument.

Comparing life to Tru Blood.

Political Blogging

Seizing offense.

Alienating your cousins.

Salting the middle ground.

Selling your jersey.

Pasting Glenn Greenwald.

Reddit-racing Stormfront.

Haulin' H2O.

Reacting to what Dad said 20 years late.

Foodie Blogging

Pretending to dislike Wendy's.

Crowd-sourcing locavore Twinkies.

Photographing Thai food.

Faking love for offal.

Mansplaining charcuterie.


Mom Blogging

Harnessing the plops.

Worrying about Graco.

Diluting the meaning of miracle.

Cataloging average humans.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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