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US to Sell Atomic Stockpile

Ron Paul Political Report - August 4th, 2011
By DR. RON PAUL Citing market forces as "a more powerful deterrent than mutually assured destruction" President Dr. Paul announced a bold plan to sell off more than 600 Minuteman and Trident nuclear missiles on the open market.
UN Condemns US Gold Bars for Nukes Agreements BBC News
South Africa to Purchase 278 ICBMs from US Stockpile Johannesburg Today
New York Times - The Southern Gentleman - Al Qaedistan Herald - Foxwire
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LiberTeen Beat

Colloidal Silver Approved for Cancer Treatment

New Hampshire Patriot - August 4th, 2011
By L. Rockwell Embattled private food and drug certification company DrugSafe Pro has approved the sale of Colloidal Silver as an alternative to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery for treating cancer.
Cancer Patients Happy, Blue Over Colloidal Silver Michigan Militia Bulletin
DrugSafe Pro Receives Lucrative Colloidal Silver Review Contract AP
Libertarian Medicine Journal - The Lying Doctor - Silver Safe - Foxwire
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Constitution Mania

Supreme Court May See First "Online Justice"

Wall Street Journal - August 3rd, 2011
By Philip Castle A White House official has indicated that President Paul may seek a replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens on the Internet, tapping online law school graduate and 7th District Justice Alabaster Hickory for the soon to be vacated seat.
SCOTUS Hopeful Authored Texas Law Banning Air in Mexicans BBC News
Skyrocketing Demand Safeguards Fees for Nation's 68 Million Lawyers AP
Internet Law Review - The Holy Constitution - Free Market Times - Foxwire
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Death Toll Mounts in Tainted Kool-Aid Disaster

Impotent Outrage Today - August 2nd, 2011
By DAVE BROWN Another 73 people succumbed this week to the tainted Chinese Kool-Aid certified as "Gold Standard Safe" by DrugSafe Pro, bringing the death toll to date to 6,403.
Deadly Kool-Aid Found to Contain Skulls, Radiation New York Times
Hundreds of Lawyers to Represent Victims in Class-Action Suit USA Today
Ambulance Chaser Bulletin - Libertarian Medicine Journal - Foxwire
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The Paulice Log

Dept. of Education Loses to Dept. of Vouchers

LA Times - August 1st, 2011
By Dana Jennings The Libertarian controlled Congress voted overwhelmingly to approve the Paul White House's plan to replace the Department of Education with a new department that will oversee the distribution of education vouchers for private schools.
Mississippi: Bible in Select Schools, Firebombs in Select Churches AP
Wal*Mart to Offer Low-Income Schools in 48 Stores by October USA Today
Biology is a Lie - Science is a Lie - The Lies of Math - Foxwire
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Make Way for Private Charities

Ron Paul Political Report - August 1st, 2011
By DR. RON PAUL Church groups, shelters, soup kitchens and various other private charities are eagerly gearing up to assist more than 55 million Americans as Social Security benefits are due to sunset on August 15th.
First-Responders to Require Citizenship Exam Before Giving Aid Invaders
Nation's Supply of Boot-Straps Dangerously Depleted American Dream
AAAAARP! - White & Lovin' It - Platinum Spoon - Foxwire
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Art Bell to Step Down

Foxwire - August 1st, 2011
By Lincoln Douglas Beloved White House Press Secretary Art Bell was nicknamed "That UFO Guy" by the White House Press Corps, but a growing scandal involving Bell's wife-buying in the Philippines has distracted from his job and prompted his resignation.
Cambodia Opens to Labor Exports, Saipan Labor Market Collapses UPI
Coca-Cola Signs $200M Deal with Gazprom for Somali Bottling Security AP
Cryptozoo Quarterly - World Net Daily - Silver Safe - Foxwire
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Ohio Woman Offers Daughter's Face to Fire Victim

UPI - August 1st, 2011
By Carol Duncan A drunk-driving accident took Christopher Hsu's face in 2004, but he's smiling again thanks to Vonnessa Washington (15), her mother Tameka, and their generous contribution of Vonnessa's face to Citibank Credit and Organ Placement. Vonnessa plans to buy a diamond-studded silk hood with her share of the money.
Disney Dollar Plummets Against Euro and Yuan The Economist
Target to Sell "Made in America" Fingers and Corneas American Dream
Hilarious News That's Fun - Human Organ Fancy - Guts & Fitness - Foxwire
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