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So far I have raised 24 dollars from my GORSK to fund bicebs but that is O.K. I already am world's #1 strengthman with hugest bicebs. Also I determine means to use magnet on oats for proper proton enhancement and bodybulk breakthroughs.

This example of my GORSK on GORSKFUNDR. Example of other big popular GORSK is:

$250,000 Teach Nikolai Valuev to Pet a Rabbit - project raises money to teach boxerman Valuev to place a rabbit into his hand without crushing its brain out of its feet. So far has raised $136 with $25 funder promise of chance to aim a hose at Valuev's head and watch waterfalls form on brow ridge.

$10,000 Build machine that turns deadbody into food. Not a person deadbody. Maybe a person deadbody, but food is good! (Maybe not good).

$100,000 To make sequel to popular Russian color tv video game of late 1980s: Hurry Up Bean. You are a bean and you must hurry. It is getting late. As darkness comes derelicts will attempt to eat you. You are a bean. New version is FPS and you play woman named Lt. Bean.

$5,000 Get shipping container full of pretty gals to come visit America on Panama flagged ship. They will be a lot of fun ladies. Ha ha a good time. Welcome to USA gals.

I hope you see potential of GORSKFUNDR now. It is not just website for begging, it is new revolution to turn deomcracy back to mean giving money to men who maybe want to build a habitat for cats or have idea for really cool video game where you can do anything in persistent world plus fight zombie.

This is good idea I think. The zombie is hot to trot all the time.



– HYURGI TIGERWOODS (@sexyfacts4u)

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