This article is part of the HYURGI TIGERWOODS series.

I will drop-ship you 800 kilos of kettlebells. I will hold them and spin around and fling them with astonishing accuracy through your front window. I will deliver on my promise and that promise is strength quickening kettlebells. World's strongest man can die on a dick because, guess what ladies and gentleman, I am the galaxy's strongest man. HYURGI TIGERWOODS. I am the universe's strongest man. And how did I achieve such pinacles of muscle sculpture and raw power infusement? One word: kettlebells.

You want them for your gym? No. Forget that. You do not need gym with kettlebells pure upper body and arm strength. A bomb falls upon a house. An earthquake tears open fissures in soil. Doves are crying. These are perfect kettlebell environments. Welcome to kettlebell picnic.

Can a girl use kettlebells?

NO. She already turning into motorcycle from CORE WEAKNESS

Can a WOMAN use kettlebells?

BET YES!! Core strenght, veins engorging, tit orbing. Best of all world.

#1 strongest woman since 1998 PISSCHELLE GOSSET-JUNIOR use kettlebells

Did #2 strongest woman Bruce Bannerhulk use kettlebell? Yes actually she did, but not enough or right!

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