Enjoy your "Turkey Day"? Don't make me laugh. I didn't and don't and won't have time to say thank you to anyone for anything. I made this all myself. Who do I have to thank? My enemies will be gutted.

I was busy multitasking. Foiling countless plots against my life and taking down the biggest game known to man. He bought a war and I sold it to him. Santa Claus that piece of shit. Ring a bell?

How was your "Black's Friday"? What white's don't know about black's is that the Black's Santa is a fraud and a criminal. He steals intellectual property and toys from hard working whites. If you see a black kid without a father. All of them. Remind him that he is bending the knee to the fraud Santa. I have met this real Santa Claus and he is as white as George Washington's apron.

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the Blockchain that thoughts acquire speed, the couch in the downstairs swimming pool lounge acquires stains, the stains become a warning. NO TRESPASSING, COMPRENDE? I shot a delivery boy there for dressing like a ghost. He survived. Or did he? That's what happens when you dress like a ghost. I'll never know.

I have stopped eight assassination attempts on my life. These assassins are weak and cowards. I am an expert in martial arts including gun kata. They will fail.

This is my promise.

My Great Enemy Santa Claus was in Guatemala. He sought to discredit the Blockchain with a hack. As he does. I confirmed the VIP eating chiles rellenos and drinking beers. He was not wearing a shirt but I recognized the man. We exchanged words. Santa Claus was not ready for me. He claimed he was a tourist. False. I corrected him. The only tour he will be taking now is the one given by the devil in a little place called hell.

All that remained of garbage Santa Claus after the police took the body away:

I have killed three men by breaking their necks before that day. And I have still only killed three men by breaking their necks. Santa Claus was not human. Look it up. White but not human. No, don't look it up on the websites they want you to read. Follow your nose on the dark web.

I'm doing it bitch. I'm doing it for real. Bitcoin is going to $500 million. I will be a warlord in the new America.

– John McAfee (@sexyfacts4u)

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