What up DiGnoids!

First of all what up to all my jewish fans. I know there are a lot of you out there and to you all I am most sorry of all if you took offense in my live stream of The Streets on Roblox. I totally respect your religion and your peoples and love Israel. There was a misunderstanding about some comments I made on my stream and some things were tooken out of context.

To everybody else who might be friends with a jew or whatever, also I am sorry. Not meaning anything with what I said. Just trying to get my Blox on and sometimes I'm playing loose and cracking some jokes on the stream. It's a live form of entertainment. So likes some mistakes were said.

To clear things up, yes I did says that Hitler had some good ideas and I did mention that the holocaust was fake, but if it had been real, it would have been one of Hitler's good ideas. Then I made my eyes into Chinese eyes by pulling on them with my fingers and I said in a mock Chinese voice, "Oh, Ah-so! Heil Hitler, my n-words."

 Only I did not say n-words, I might have used the same language rappers use every day when they are speaking about hoes on their rap songs. They can rap it all they want, but I understand now that I am not allowed to use that word and especially not while pretending to be Chinese.

I might have also called a number of 7-year-olds playing Roblox with me the really bad f-word. I'm not going to type it out again because it's almost as bad as the n-word. But to be fair this was only because they all talked into high voices I thought they were just gay not seven. And just for that twitch closed my stream!!

I understand now that what I said was a messed up thing to say. However these kids were griefers and I was only reacting to them saying nazis are bad by explaining that Hitler was seeking living space for the German people that had been oppressed by bankers and other manipulating forces of certain persuasions that I will not mention because I learned my lesson. And these kids were like "I'm jewish and hitler is bad" and alls I said was, "What up DiGnoids, be sure to like and subscribe to my channel, you hear this f-word? It's time to get in zee ovens!!"

And I meant pizza ovens. I was calling them a pizza. No other meaning. That has been taken out of context by kotaku. Also I only stood up and did a zeke heil because someone donated $5 on my stream and they get to tell me what to do for 5 seconds. It's called Slave Mode 5 and any time anyone donates that 5 dollars I get "Tobyed" which is the DiGnoids fun way of saying it's time to do Slave Mode. Which, as I am typing all this out, I realize might get me in trouble again. So Slave Mode 5 will be tooken down.

In conclusion I have apologized so please unban me from Twitch, Roblox, and the comments section of haaretz. Also please stop boycotting my sponsors. This is how I make my living and my dad is a doctor and will be extremely pissed if I lose my sponsors.

DiGnutz OUT!

– DoCtor DiGnutz (@sexyfacts4u)

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