Nazi Fly

Killed by friendly fire. Entered the mouth of our French ally while he was talking. Was never heard from again.

Afrika Artifakttruppen

All surviving members of the unit were shot with religious electricity and turned into dust or goop, depending on the circumstances. All gave some, the Artifakttruppen gave all and then got vacuumed into the Ark.

Colonel Johann Dietrich
Afrika Artifakttruppen

The commanding officer of the Artifakttruppen served bravely in several theaters. He led the search for a meteor made from strange metal at the South Pole. Colonel Dietrich personally recovered the Spear of Destiny and distilled the potion of the Zombi in Haiti. Despite his many accomplishments, he was pretty much at ground zero for the Judaism nuke that went off from the Ark. He melted like ice cream on a sidewalk in June.

Major Arnold Toht
SS Special Evil Archeology Unit

Toht, an accomplished expert of evil archeology, was liquified in his prime by the same Jewish wizardry that killed the entire Artifakttruppen. Well, it killed at least those members who weren't already shot to death or thrown under trucks. Although he was only a Major, many in the Evil Archeology Unit believe he might have become the evilest archeologist since Dr. Fiendenbaum re-activated the golem and sent it into the prison camp for homosexuals. After such tragedies, the Reich has neither man, proving once again that Jews are the most dangerous of the relic-generating cultures.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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