Star Fox 64

"Use bombs wisely!" Those were the words that inspired a generation of gamers to use bombs wisely, spoken by Peppy Hare in the immortal Star Fox 64. If you grew up in the '90s, you'd agree this furry take on Thunderbirds is one of the best N64 games around, and completely outdoes its Super Nintendo predecessor. And who could forget an antagonist like Star Wolf? Thankfully, his bark was much more than his bite! Unfortunately, this isn't the case with real wolves, as my dad and I soon learned when were were beset with them during our first night in the unforgiving wilderness. I never thought I'd hear my father cry, but that was the noise I found myself falling asleep to under a pile of wet leaves after one of those beasts tore into his leg and fled off into the moonlight. Try beating that shock, Rumble Pak!

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