The ominous theme song for the second season of HBO's True Detective is Leonard Cohen's "Nevermind." The song is quite long and the show cuts it down to a couple of verses for each episode and uses different verses to open each episode. Fans of the show have taken notice of the choices of lyrics and the implications for the mystery. Picking the lyrics apart you can see a clear picture forming of the killer from the acclaimed show's second season.

Episode One - "The Western Book of the Dead"

The war was lost
The treaty signed
I was not caught
I crossed the line

I was not caught
Though many tried
I live among you
Well disguised

Interpretation: "I live among you" suggests the killer might be one of the protagonists!

Episode Two - "Night Finds You"

There was a son
We spent some time
It was obvious
He wasn't mine

Paternity tested
Scene of the crime
Shot point blank
But nevermind

Interpretation: Here it is hinted at that someone will be shot and that it won't matter. It turned out this was right on the money.

Episode Three - "Maybe Tomorrow"

The clinic called
My sperm was dead
I dreaded scenes
with the bad redhead

Sometimes my worst self
Is really my best
Still waiting on
Ray's paternity test

Interpretation: This is the first time the song references actual dialogue from the show. Could the "bad redhead" be the man who raped Ray's wife or Frank's redheaded wife who makes you groan when she walks into a scene?

Episode Four - "Down Will Come"

I got the word
They killed Stan
I didn't know him
Seriously who is Stan

I got the word
Some jewels were sold
Who are these people
You're never told

Interpretation: Could the references to "Stan" be a reference to a character on the show named "Stan?" We're pretty sure there is no character with that name on the show, but maybe we overlooked something.

Episode Five - "Other Lives"

The 'stache was shaved
The plot was lost
My paternity was tested
I made up "pross"

The dudes were hot
I drank some booze
The girl was pregnant
Mom was a cooze

Interpretation: Another reference to a paternity test, perhaps indicating something related to being a parent. Fatherhood could be a subtle theme of this show. Also an Internet search reveals "pross" is referenced in season one of True Detective and in the novel Galveston. Could pross mean prostitute?

Episode Six - "Church in Ruins"

Hey remember Stan
Let's mourn his loss
Call me the Bard
I made up "pross"

The boob budget was spent
The molly sprayed
I was van molested
By the way

Interpretation: Interesting clues in this opener. Van molested and then "by the way" suggests someone might have been molested by a van or inside a van and that this could have been defining information for a character, unless it is just tossed out there 3/4ths of the way through the run of a TV show.

Also another reference to Stan. Who is Stan? Could Stan be the killer?

Looking forward to finding out in future episodes as the mystery wraps up!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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