As you may or may not know, Shmorky and I run the only Youtube channel dedicated to playing the absolute worst and most terrible games in existence, Gaming Garbage. I regularly scour the depths of the internet's deepest waste bins (Yoyogames, Game Jolt) and resurface with bizarre, inept piles of digital vomit. Please subscribe to our vomit. Since we haven't had a "worst of" list in some time, and everybody loves lists, I decided to toss up what I consider to be the top 17 worst games we've played. You know, since the last top X worst games list.

#17: Police Force 2

You're a cop walking the mean beat of some highly foreign Eastern European Bloc street, responding to crimes of dirty cars and serial hit and run victims. This town averages roughly 50 crimes per second, which is slightly overwhelming for the one (1) officer of the law under your command. Watch as Shmorky and I singlehandedly attempt to solve every crime committed all the time by everybody everywhere. Here's a breakthrough, emergency hint (which can also be applied to many other games): we don't succeed.

#16: Grand Theft Normo V

Okay, it's a safe assumption that this is another Grand Theft Auto clone. We're all clear on that, great. Now there's one slight problem: everything else. Hey, at least it has functional multiplayer, which does or does not work depending on how you loosely define the term "functional." Or "multiplayer" for that regard.

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