#15: Prom Protector

As the self-appointed "Prom Protector," you must annoy and harass your juvenile delinquent peers into absconding a life of fun and entertainment, your police state actions governed by the Word of the Almighty Prom. Ruin a track star's athletic career! Sabotage a prospect pitcher's throwing arm! It's all in the name of the prom, and you'll do whatever it takes to protect it, like the stupid sissy idiot you are! All hail the prom, destroyer of lives!

#14: Slenderman: Arrival

The only redeeming aspect of Slenderman is that he somehow caused two insane teenagers to get thrown into mental institutions for the rest of their stupid, shitty lives. Besides that, everything Slenderman-related has been absolute garbage, with zero exceptions. Slenderman: The Arrival is his most high profile game, so it only made sense that I review it with my eight-year old daughter, Lauren, to get her take on it. I mean, Slenderman frightens grown men on the internet, so he should have no problem horrifying an eight-year old. Right? Right?!?

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