> look behind you in game and see bendyman. Scream loudly and yell "fuck me" in a swedish accent.

Slipknot Hoagie

> enchant shit goku to battle bendyman


> find all 8 pages while successfully evasing bendyman in record speedrun time. then close game and open up your haunted pokemon rom


You close the program and insert a black cartridge labeled "Pokemon" into your computer somehow, probably through a bunch of adapters that you ordered off of monoprice.

You become very frightened as the game is not as you remember, and you find yourself in battle with a Ghost.

Your comments seem to have derailed into a discussion over religion.


> change the letters in "livestream" to "livescream" then scream until you can not scream or produce sound ever again


You push your lungs to the limit and scream very loudly for several minutes. Eventually you lose your voice, and you can taste coppery blood beginning to fill your mouth. You're not sure if it's the screaming or the game, which has taken a turn for the strange.

You feel as if the GHOST is cursing... you.

Justin Tyme

> >quit game and go back to bendyman because this is going fuckin nowhere and goons are terrible


Your self-diagnosed ADD forces you to power off the cartridge and reopen Bendyman. You manage to find your way back to the building.

You are not feeling so well.

The Protagonist

> pick up the phonecall from your hot hippy mom, tell her you're gay


You pick up the phone. Instead of a greeting, you plainly state that you are gay. Your voice is raspy and almost unrecognizable from the previous screaming.

After a brief moment of silence, a voice who you know to be your Mother replies in a warm, sing-songy voice,

"It's ok baby, Daddy and I have known for awhile. I'm glad you're finally coming out! I'm SOO proud of you.

What is wrong with your voice, honey? We have some herbal lozenges in the pantry."


> tell mom to fuck off she just dont understand how fucking gay you are


"No, I don't think you understand me," you continue on in your hoarse voice, blood gurgling in the back of your throat.

"I am the gayest there was, the gayest there is, and the gayest there ever will be. I am the Alpha and the Omegay."

"Think of the gayest thing you know, then multiply that thing by one thousand. If you take the result of that and fuck it in the ass, you'd be close to half of how gay my left nipple is."

Your mother is silent for a moment. Her voice is cautious. "Honey, have you been taking things from Mommy's secret drawer? You know you're not supposed to go in there..."


> Drop some acid and kick this up a notch


> cough blood onto your hands then warpaint your face


You go into your Mother's secret drawer, which is hardly a secret, and take a small amount of what you know to be LSD.

You take a moment to paint your face in a simple pattern with your own blood, and sit back down at your computer.

In front of you is a man in a suit, with the strange GHOST where his face should be. His voice is calm and soothing.

"Hello Billy. Can you tell me where your family is?"

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