If you're still reading this, chances are you're already pretty familiar with the Something Awful forums. Or maybe you're Ernie Bushmiller. Or both? The point is I can't even try to explain these images to outsiders, so I won't. Thanks for reading Phridays.

Bovine Fury you magnificent bastard, I hear-by name you Bank President. Phridays thanks you for your service.

Rectal Death Adept is the MTG card that got me expelled, thanks a lot!

Nova is a renowned family planner.

At this point, Ghost Dog, you're referencing Fallout: New Vegas, right? I mean, if you don't make your game but someone else references it, and then several generations of games pass, I feel like that canon absorbed it. Goon projects really are the most glorious failures.

Ha! Lando131 knows a quality front page article series when they read one!

Ha! Tytan knows a quality fr...wait. Did we actually Phriday corn-guy? So many threads, so little time...

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