Boss battles are often anticlimactic. Players spend hundreds of hours leveling up, navigating vast realms and completing picayune tasks, just so they can fight some villain/monster/Hitler's brain that's either dumbfoundingly easy or so invulnerable that they're forced to either abandon the game or become overwhelmed with feelings of frustration and inadequacy. The SA Forum Goons decided to mix and match games to come up with their ideal end bosses, and while these creations don't alleviate the aforementioned problems -- in fact, they compound them exponentially -- at least they make these confrontations much more amusing. But enough talk... have at you!

It's about time you showed up and started this theme, dregan. You're the only hope for our world. Trust your instincts.

Usually it's sound strategy to fight fire with fire, but Persidian recommends countering flame with bubbles.

However, Persidian also offers this cautionary reminder that bubbles aren't the answer to everything.

Rupert Buttermilk, thy next foe is... eater of worlds, drinker of spirits. Beware the binges of He who wears the crown.

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