From: BabyWolfie
Subject: about the article
Dear Petey, I hope you had your fun with mocking me all over the forums and posting my Copy righted Picture i Had bought from a artist in real life on the site and the Pertion you and you're Shamefull Friends had made, Btw the Female in that picture was my Sister and her bestfriend, also note that it was used by a camer that automaticly copy rights any images it takes, *sighs*

I do not understand why you guys must Attack us, Btw To Fogger, You're no longer welcome back to our sim neather are any of you guys who decided to harsse "Our" Very commuity and land. You fail to realiaize you have aready Caused Me to lose finacal Gain Irl, I Guess you guys would rather see Some of us out on the streets irl, It is sad that you guys waste you're time mocking and laughing at people not careing for Copy right laws and peoples Diginity, Yes mock my spelling, Yes Call me a Idiot, yes record this converstation unto you're Precise Site, Btw I never sent a Hate email, you just twisted my Words around, Conglations for Being Very Immature, Now Since I see what you guys are trying to do and aready have Achived alot of this, Why not unbann my IP from you're website so I can cont to Watch you update it, Hmm or you to scared to.. Probly are.

Now That since I feel like typing abouch of Stuff, You're posts where funny, made my sister laugh, But she even said You are a Idiot when it comes to understanding, coming from a 14year old thats sad.

Now I have not done one thing to you're guy's commuity, I sent that very first Email because BabyTiger is my friend "Friend" Please look it up for farther Details on what Friend means and repersents to someones heart, His artwork is copyrighted, You took pictures of his artwork that is sold, by First amendment you broke that, Please check fair-use < and please actully Read it.... for the love of god, if god even exists.

Do you guys Love seeing other peoples pain, humlateing Them, Btw I Don't go to school, So theres a Another artile for you to Write about, Keep writeing until your Hand fall's Off,

As I feed you this Informantion, I like to tell you and each one you, I feel Very Sad for you guy's Taking you're Life and precise time and Skipping homework just to read this, Shame on you, Arn't We Human? Don't we live on the same planet, don't we drink the Same Water, Please Understand the value of what you're doing is causeing people irl, This site has aready costed me 4 students in Second life.... So What if I can't spell, so what if I forget to use Spell Check, No ones perfect, and those msn Converstations I said that because I care about my friend one thing you "Guys May Never Understand" do you know what friendship is, Probly don't since you rather see everyone Be made fun of, For crist sakes i'm only 18 irl and "HAD" A nice repaution for teaching, but now since I tryed to defend my friends copy righted artwork you guys made my name and my sisters Picture and my Picture I Had paid for to be designed by a artist with copy right trademark on the picture hint the signture in the lower bottom right hand corner.... Thats his trademark and copy right.....

You guys destoryed my Repatuion, this is what I do for a living, Conglations for Fucking up my job. you're site is what you call it is what you guys do you make you're selfs awfull and its a Shame, that you use you're writing talent to make mockery of others, Its a shame that you guys rather spend every min Posting this stuff on you're site, Its a shame that you guys would rather see some of us living on the streets just so you can have a fucking Good Laugh, I am Very Seroiuse, So what if I can't spell... as I stated above no ones perfect and you guy's proved that countless of times, And twisting my words by re-editing what I said will get you no will, I never Said I Owned that sim, I said I "Co-Owned it with my "MATE" Please Read carefully befor you copy and past and decide to switch something around, This isn't hilouse nor funny, How can people laugh at Artwork being stolen, and Then This, I DID Nothing to you're guy's site, All I did was post a email asking very nicely for a artilce be removed cause it is harming us and causeing use to lose gain in money, please Petey, Just stop this, I don't deserve this, I did nothing, and I like my job and I would rather not lose any more students, Can you remove this please, With comperhanding Understandings, for the Sake of Respect to us Human beings, *Sighs* Please... Can't you understand all I tryed to do was defend a friend trying to "Do the Right Thing in life" and you guys turn it around making it look awfull because thats what you do best, Look deep in you're hearts, Are you really Seeing this as funny, because me and abouch of other people are not, We may be furries in Second life but we are humans irl and we are the same as you and everyone else in this forums. Please Respect this.

This is probly the last Email I'll send because I am rather emountionaly Damaged and Physically Damaged by this diguessing Website that is full of hate.. and no careing, To be honest I felt like you guys have killed me and I aready wish to Die irl, Because you see, Due to disabilitys I can't get a job irl they won't hire me, so Second life is my source of income to keep me and my family off the streets, but You guys probly think thats a lie, what the hell do you know about living a real life, you don't have it hard you laugh you're ass's off all day at people like us just because we try to make something of are selfs, So Petey is you're heart all black? Just like the dragon you wish to slay irl.. Please Just End this, Now that i Have typed alot of this up... even know you're probly skim read most of this.. Whats it matter to me. I aready lost my studends. There goes my incom..

I lost my good repauation and now I see on my msn list a bouch of once good friends now calling me a idiot, I didn't become a live instructor cause I was a idiot, I become one because I cared... I cared about other residents, I just wanted to live a good life teaching and making a few bucks in income to keep my family off the street. *sighs once more* real life is not a game stop treating it like one.....

Petey you have done so much damage to my friends and me and made my family look bad.. I will never forgive you or you're So Called Loyal Compaions that tricked me saying they could help me and my friend, acting like resonable human beings with Diginity and honor.

do you guys at all have a heart... or is it all black

Sincelly: You're Famouse Furry named BabyWolfie, Leaving this with a Fight you're never forget.

As you can imagine, this email just about broke my black, dragonslaying heart. I actually asked the forum goons to stop talking to BabyWolfie. To my knowledge they did, but BabyWolfie kept on sending me emails anyway. Here are some excerpts.

First of I am not a Pedo, I am a Teacher. wearing diapers is a lifestyle that has nothing to do with child porn....

This is rather Unjustified, Now I know what its like to be noticed by the wrong crowed...

Now Notice I Get paid 500 L$ For Each class I teach when I lose a student that causes fincal lost of gain, If you want proof just read the Live instructors part, also Live instructor are Teachers, aslo Linden lab pays me 500Per Student in Per class' so if I Have over 20 students...

I didn't realiaize that the site had some type of immunity, all I know was my friend came into the sim whimpering because his den was made looking like a pedo thingy when its really not...

we don't have much To Offer, My friend is a Incontient Person irl and struggles with Finaceing...

I'm not sure if you'd be interested but I am a Pet both irl and sl, *sighs* my mate probly won't apprcautie this but I could offer myself as well, But I'd only do this if it would help my friend, I hate to see him crying because all his hard work was posted in a bouch of lies and dishonorable mockery...

I don't understand what the reasons to to actully exist for, I can not see why they wish to see others Suffer...

Suffer? SUFFER?.

My, I'd sure hate to cause suffering by showing people on the Internet images that were, uh, already freely available and easily accessible.

But I didn't want to go out like that with BabyWolfie. He was a nice guy who was just demented and maybe a little bit too interested in making legal threats over the Internet. Oh, and he also likes to go around Second Life handing out virtual diapers and asking people to soil them for him. But he does it nicely! Nicely!

So I decided to pay tribute to BabyWolfie the best way I know how: by finding as many images or forum posts by him on the Internet as I could, and putting them into a touching video. Everything you are about to see was either drawn, uploaded, or paid for by BabyWolfie. I hope you enjoy it. It made me want to die.

Goonspeed, BabyWolfie. Indeed, this fight you are leaving I will never forget.


Hey everyone! It's the morning after my article was posted and boy, did the Web 2.0 blogosphere YouTube RubyOnRails Internet Experience explode last night!

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