From: BabyWolfie
Subject:Re: about a Article
Well People Live in this world as in thats how they earn there real life money, My Friend was very insulted by that Article that was Posted on That site, wich Wasn't any where near truth and since it Contained his "Creations and that he has Every Right to reclaim his ISP Right on these creations that would be copy right invidiancey" I am not trying to cause you're site any issues I would like to see the article removed for Lieing, and Copy right infrigment, as well as Mockery that may drain his Buisness that he offers the commuity, I hope you can understand this really, Because this means alot to me and my friends and other users of Second life, Mockery is a very powerfull thing on the internet now days and can cause buisness to die. I am asking that these articles beremoved, If you would please consider it as a webmaster, And Understand how it can effect others people lives,

I work in this virtul world an I would hate to see my Sim end up in mockery over this site and I would be reporting it to lindens if it ever Happen, due to copy right laws on The "DMCA Rights"

I honestly Hope I haven't caused any Issues good sir. But I just trying to help a friend and cheer him up after he seen that article, everyone on sl was dispiseing of him... I don't belive its fair to him because he turns those linden dollars he earns into real life cash to help pay his bills just like you're site probly makes you some short of income, due to the amount of people that vist, so please understand what I am aiming at,

Thankyou for replying Sir, and no Second life is not like the matrix, people can't "Jack In" But they can belive they live there and live happy lives as well earn cash to support there Real lives like myself, I Turn my L$ into USD and pay my bills irl for my net and stuff, so I can cont to Teach and Create nice and neat things :) I do apprcauite you responding to this and your Posts had Made Me laugh, I hope that you can come to see the value of these things we do, Thankyou Sir Petey For your time and response I look forward to hearing more from you, But try to be more seriuose in the next Post instead of trying to make people laugh Heh, Just a Tip

But PS Thanks for the Nice laugh anyways ^-^

Laughing? Who was laughing? This was very seriuose business! I would never laugh at a time like this. In fact, I never laugh! Laughter is a vile and disgusting habit of the lower classes and I will have none of it!

From: Petey @ Something Awful
Subject: you didn't answer my question about dragons
Oh believe me, I realize that Mockery is a very powerful thing nowadays. My family died in the Great Madagascan Mockery of 2003 and I've never quite recovered. The last thing I would ever want to do is make a Mockery of anyone! It would be like dubbing "Yakety Sax" over a video tape of September 11th: it would be helping the terrorists win. What they would win I'm not quite sure. Do terrorists play bingo? But instead of "bingo", it spells "Death To America"? I don't know--do you? Also I do not think you answered my question about dragons and them jacking off into your virtual world.

I am interested in what business your "friend" "offers" "the community." Is there really that much of a market for walking into a fake mansion and having animated sex on a rug while surrounded by virtual anthropomorphized animal child porn? Because if so, I think I have a better idea: a virtual competitive sex team. Characters would run around the countryside in naught but their skivvies, giggling in a thoroughly madcap fashion, while trying to "tag" their opponents. In this case, "tag" would involve "forcible penetration." If the Second Life market is so huge for your "friend's" little fetish, imagine how it would respond to a lighthearted treatment of rape!

I actually don't make any money off of my articles. For every article I write, Richard "Lojacks" Kyanka allows me to breathe one (1) breath of fresh air. You live and work in a luxurious "metaverse." I live and work in a Gorean dungeon. My living conditions are actually the model for Prokofy Neva's "Fetid Inner Core." Except I'm not a gender confused old woman. I think! Wakka wakka wakka!

Furthermore, for every article I take down, Richard "Chillax" Kyanka takes one (1) year of my life. He is raising his children on the blood sweat and tears of the Internet. Frankly, I think it wrong, but don't tell him I said that, because then he will never let me breathe again. Also, Leonard J. Crabs (ESQ.) (ESP.) (ETC.) has informed me that I cannot take down the article because the standard of proof in the court of appeals jurisdiction requires that ex post facto your summa cum laude must be greater than the express written consent of the Fourteenth Amendment. I do not know what that means because Leonard J. Crabs (EG.) (IE.) (GDP.) is much smarter than me and has made an excellent living litigating Internet Law.

But just because I can't take down the article doesn't mean I can't let you and your friend explain your case to The Internet. If you want to tell people about "The DMCA Rights" and why BabyTiger's business should enjoy their patronage than I would be more than willing to reprint it in its original unmolested form on the website. The last thing I would want is to cause a business to die!

Also, tip of the hat for you calling me Sir! Not everyone is perceptive enough to realize it over the Internet, but I am a registered lord of the Principality of Sealand and as such appreciate any and all gestures of proper respect. My monocle is practically popping with pride.

Seriuosely yours,

--Sir Petey
Lord of Sealand

Leonard J. Crabs was not at all happy when I woke him from his cryogenic chamber. As the chilly mists billowed from his stasis tube like the weeping, insubstantial souls of Holocaust victims (which are, of course, the most effective insulating medium known to man), he blinked, then narrowed his eyes. Lightning cracked from between his ears as he heaved his hefty, naked body to an erect position.

"WHAT IS IT?" bellowed Crabs.

"A legal request," I said timidly, quaking like Michael J. Fox in a political advertisement.

Crabs stared at the printout in my hand. He took it from me and shredded it like confetti. Breaking a piece of plexiglass off of Cliff Yablonski's chamber with his buttocks, he then snorted the printout in one mighty sniff.

It sounded like this: "SNIIIIIIIFFFFF."

He threw the glass to the floor and glared at me. "WAKE ME BACK UP WHEN THERE IS SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO DO" he snarled.

Without another word, Crabs threw himself back into the cryogenic chamber. Smiling, he took a lusty sniff of the gypsy souls wafting through the air, slammed the door, and returned to a state of suspended animation.

And that, children, is how a bill becomes a law!

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