From: BabyWolfie
Subject: about a Article
Body:re: a duel it is then
How about I Just send the DMCA To the cops then send the article to them as well since it does invide copy right. I belive my friend would do that, can we Be Mature and deal with this without fiction stuff, Please.

Good sir I hope you Understand that his artwork was CopyRighted, Please can we at least Dicuss this Like mature adults, I Belive your a Understanding person, Well I would help so at least *sighs* Please This article has aready been reported by over 10 residents about it being agaist the DMCA. Don't you even care about the DMCA or would you rather see people be hurt just so you can get a good laugh, Sir.

Hope we can come to a understanding, Signed BabyWolfie with much Wisdom.




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From: Petey @ Something Awful
Subject: with what wisdom?
You are more than welcome to send the DMCA to the police. I am sure they will find it interesting and perhaps they would look at it upside down and say "A hum. Yes, I see. This will be a good napkin for my lunchtime break. I will have donuts and coffee and DMCA! HURF DURF!"

Do I care for the DMCA? No. The DMCA stole my girlfriend. The DMCA is dead to me.

Mournfully yours,


Invader of the Realm
Duke of Sealand

But I'd barely sent that one out when I got this:

From: BabyWolfie
Subject: Re: a duel it is then
Actully I kinda like you're Deal of Honor How about a month To do this? And we can use my Mates sim, Wich is the one I gave you early, Its the least laggyish place I know of ^-^ You're Deal sounds fair and resonable and I like challanges, But a week is to short to do all that scripting, so how about a Month To do this, Send me a IM in World and we can discuss the rules of this Challange, I am Impressed by you're typing skills and ability to make people laugh, But I accept you're challange, Give it a month and you shall have you're dragon to slay and a Chicken that can beat a bear to death, then I hope you can Uphold your word Good Sir or Lord

Sim? I thought I'd set the venue quite clearly: the Hague or bust! But I'd give BabyWolfie the benefit of the doubt. All's fair in love and dragonslaying!

From: Petey @ Something Awful
Subject: what sim are you talking about
What do you mean, "Sim?"

These are real life challenges. Let's see how well you stand upon the shifty ground of terra firma.

There will be no scripting. There must be dragons. I hear they have them in Norway. I suggest you find one quickly before your precious Palace slips into the vast irretrievable archive of Internet History forever!

Time's a wasting!

Laggingly yours,

--The Honorable Petey
Invader of the Realm
Prince of Sealand

But the challenge was already underway!

From: BabyWolfie
Dear Petey There is no way to give you a dragon to slay in second life without Scripts, I am hireing a scripter right now to compete with this very Challange, You out of all people should understand everything in Second life is ran by scripts mostly, So Please let us concept in if I can actully give you a dragon to slay and a chicken to Slay, Please, I accepted the challange you didn't say no scripts, so don't back down on you're words, or else it would be dishonorable. Thankyou

Dishonorable? WHAT A CAD!

From: Petey @ Something Awful
Subject: it is you, sir, who is dishonorable!
I will battle no dragon in your Matrix. The dragon must exist "in the meat space." In real life. In that which you have forsaken. I didn't say "no scripts" because unless you can script "in real life" there was no need to. If you can script in real life I would like you to please script me a sex doll in the size and shape of Jessica Alba but significantly more willing to fornicate with me.

Some might call it impossible. But impossibility may be the terms to which you must agree.

If you refuse, I will simply cease communication.

One man.

All he has left.

Is hope.

In theaters November 18th.

Dramatically yours,

--The Honourable Petey
Dragonslayer of the Realm
King of Sealand

By this time, I'd gotten bored. I posted the emails in the forums and went to go eat dinner. In the meantime, BabyWolfie's world was tearing apart like an overfilled diaper.

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