From: BabyWolfie
Subject:re: you didn't answer my question about dragons
Dear Sir, The DMCA Copy Right law is rather Serouise, And frankly I know what your saying is alie about not being able to delete a simple article, I have worked with forums and sites simler to The site you have wrote up as the Editior You contain every right to, But you had no Right to make a big Mockery and abouch of lies out of my Friends site, also Please refer to

For more information about Babyfurs and what not, But I am asking Out of pure kindness and the sake of my Friends Emountions and feelings, He has really No Sexlaur Interestes, He creates Diapers for baby furs, what Wrong is that and why make a mockery out of it, How about you Come to my Sim and write up a article about it? Since you want to mock my friends how about you come to My Land, While I'm here and I'll even give you a grand tour, Location, Axel 177,234,701 (PG) - Wayward furs Sandbox.

Also I liked to refer you to,

That his Artwork in his Buildings happen to be Copy righted, I seen his copy right befor. So Basicly you are Invidiing DMCA Copy Right laws By Fedal State laws, since you have posted his artwork on that site, Notice the pictures in the backgrounds of you're "Avatars" DMCA Rights Remember them please now to prove more of what I am stateing I like you to refer to

3.2 You retain copyright and other intellectual property rights with respect to Content you create in Second Life, to the extent that you have such rights under applicable law. However, you must make certain representations and warranties, and provide certain license rights, forbearances and indemnification, to Linden Lab and to other users of Second Life.

Also This is located at

Let me post the full Terms here so hopefully We can settle this,



Please Note the Calim of Copyright Infrigment to which THe DMCA May be applicable in the this letter, Let me get the DMCA Up here in a second,

Thankyou for your Unseroiuse Replys, Can we please discuss this like Adults that we are without Sub tracking the True Matter at hand please

Also Looking forward to you droping by, Thankyou:

Live Instructor: BabyWolfie.

He tried to catch me with the ole' "quote a giant block of text at me and hope it will dissuade me" tactic. Luckily, I learned to parry that particular thrust back in the Forum Wars of 2004. Lost a lot of good men in that battle, we did.

From: Petey @ Something Awful
Subject: a duel it is then
Legal threats? Offers of a duel? How cavalierly you challenge the royalty of Sealand!

I shall make you a deal of honor. You suggest the venue be your "Sim", which is of course biased to you. I move for a change of venue to more neutral ground: the Hague.

Provide me with a dragon to slay and a chicken that can beat a bear in a fight to the death, and I will remove your precious Palace from my article.

You have a week, "Live Instructor: BabyWolfie."



Invader of the Realm
Baron of Sealand

I, of course, meant to present BabyWolfie with an impossible task, hoping my nice-but-clueless deviant friend would take the hint and leave with some dignity.

I had underestimated the stupidity of an accredited Second Life Live Instructor. The next few emails came in quick succession.

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