The Morning After

I have a confession to make. I have no been entirely truthful with you, my faithful readers. I lied in these emails about a very important thing:

BabyWolfie's name.

You see, he kept on sending me emails after the last one that I published. They were pleading, despairing, morally distressing letters that attempted to apologize for his ignorance, his idiocy, and his behavior.

As funny as the whole exchange was, the last thing I wanted on my conscience was the life of some pathetic kid who couldn't even spell "seriouse" properly. Yeah, I sure am a softie for the borderline retarded.

So I sent him an email detailing the error of his ways, why his conception of intellectual property was deeply flawed, and exactly what I was going to do in this update. I told him that, because he'd reacted so badly and unstably to these emails, I couldn't, with a clean conscience, subject him to a further goon rush when he seemed so honestly apologetic. I told him, though, that if I found out he was insincere that I would have no qualms about changing my mind.

Well, after a long night of revelry, I rolled out of bed to find a few angry comments about the Youtube video.

I won't even go into the irony of receiving a hunting-themed death threat from a furry, but FoxThyan can rest assured that my stupid American ass isn't going anywhere.

Yeah, good to be clear on that, "ThatDamnFurry"! Thanks for enlightening me as to the disparate nature of your creepy subcultures!

Oh god, I'm terribly, terribly afrightened, like Bambi hiding amidst the bush! And I'm sure that any furries reading this update angrily just became incapacitated by arousal.


I thought I told you to stay away.

Yep. "BabyWolfie" is really Tsuthebabyneko, known in Second Life as Tsu Goodliffe. He's cut a wide and disgusting swath through the Internet. Perhaps the best example is his blog, which would have been the Awful Link of the Day today if I hadn't given Tsu a break before. Or his posts on "TeenBabyNet." Register. It's worth it.

I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but now he's identified himself to goons on Youtube. The cat is out of the bag; so much for mercy! I imagine this won't be the last we hear from Tsu Goodliffe...and that's kind of comforting, in a perverse way. Stay tuned as the mushroom cloud of this dramabomb continues to expand!

And thanks to forum goon fishmech for his translation of Tsu's emails!

– Chris "Petey" Peterson

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