"M.J.D." is really just a big teddy bear on the inside. A Jew hating teddy bear but a teddy bear nontheless.

How dare the education system keep hate and intolerance out of America's schools! Those bastards!

Yeah it would have been a lot more entertaining if a black man wrote it. More like "Lord of the BLING" am I right here folks?

More like PHAT am I right here folks? No wait, fat is more accurate.

Does anybody have any WEED? I'm looking to score some WEED! The kids go crazy when you mention weed.

You're from Connecticut? Well why didn't you say so?! You must be totally level-headed and in no way an irrational thinker. Now let me just get my gun and we'll go hunting for niggers right now!

"jessica" needs to take those words out of her mouth and replace them with some hard black cock.

Preach it brother "Hynson"! Testify!

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