James Randi is an atheist and a skeptic, and unlike most atheists, isn't a complete jackass. He's been involved in some pretty funny TV moments where he exposes psychics and televangelists for the frauds that they are. A forum is run in his name called the James Randi Educational Foundation that attracts people who don't look quite as good in a beard as he does. Look guys, James Randi is a learned old man. He looks distinguished in a beard. You, a 20-something World of WarCraft player still living at home that occasionally finds old Ninja Turtle figures in the folds of his ass fat, don't.

Why would they suspend Lord Kenneth?! He's like the king of all atheists!

Baby Jesus isn't a worthless grammar Nazi!

No, but I can tell you how many cell phone calls I've had in GTA4 so far. The answer is 115.

"Son, I might as well tell you this now before you hear it from somebody else..."

It's just a TV show and Corgis are gay dogs.

If we let the Internet vote for our next president it'd be a tight race between Ron Paul and John Cena.

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