Cat Door, submitted by Jim. Behold, the official homepage of the Cathole! At first the Cathole excited me, but then when I found it wasn't a hole for discarding unwanted cats, I wasn't so psyched. Cathole is basically a hole you cut in one of your doors so that you can keep your litterbox in a closet or some place, but still let your precious feline take care of business. Don't get any wise ideas about cutting holes in your doors for free, because this is a patented idea and you can probably get sued or something.

Tired of SEEING , SMELLING, or TRIPPING over the litter box?Is the litter box ISOLATED from guests, toddlers, dogs ?

Howard and Bobby are safe for now, but for how long? YOU CAN'T PROTECT THEM FOREVER, CATHOLE!

I suppose this is a practical product for people who want to teach their cats that public defecation is shameful. I don't know, I just find cats and many cat owners to be scary people. Damn people and their exotic pets!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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