House of Archangel, submitted by Paroxysm. There should be a number of tests that prevent idiots from creating web pages, one of the most important of these being "resizing images with HTML". This is an absolute staple of moron web sites, as they post images that are 9000x5000 GIFs and then resize them to fit their site with HTML. "House of Archangel" naturally features this exciting innovation, not to mention pages of personal information dripping with an odd mixture of dyslexia, narcissism, and extreme emotional trauma from bad relationships.

First cab off the rank? I hate being dick teased, don't touch it and make out you want it when you really didn't at all. There is other women out there would love what I have got to offer. Stop with the mind games thanks, it was like they were messing inside my head. It can really fuck someone head up. You wouldn't like it if a guy did this to you because you would be the first one to bitch about it. Saying what you mean, don't say something one minute then change it little bit different days later and make out that's what you said in the first place when you really didn't at all. Don't hint at me ok, just say what you mean in the first fuck' en place and I will understand you.

This is just part of his massive rant on what he hates about women, which wouldn't be so special if it weren't ON A SECTION OF THE SITE INTENDED TO PICK UP WOMEN. This guy is a chauvinistic moron with the social skills of a PCP addict who has been set on fire and the mental capabilities of a banana slug that has been subsisting soley on paint chips. Also, this site has more pop-ups than a jack-in-the-box store, so watch out. He claims to have a guestbook but I failed to find it on that "well designed" site of his.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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