Kelly's Used Wet Panties Down Under, submitted by John. If you've ever wanted to buy the wet panties off of a huge organic landmass from Australia, then you're in Lucky City, partner! Kelly, a bountiful art student is offering to sell you her used wet panties for a reasonable and economical fee! Don't think that is one of those other used wet panty businesses you see charging outrageous sums for factory-moistened panties! Kelly takes the time to painstakingly break in and soil all her merchandise! Whether you're a used wet panty coinsurer or just a casual collector, Kelly has a wide selection. And let me tell you, wide has more than one meaning here! Aye! You're all right, kid!

Of course Kelly has standards and as an artist, she will not defecate on the merchandise. Oh darn! That Kelly, she likes wandering around in only her panties! Now please excuse me while I go set up an internet auction for what's left of my eyeballs after I gouge them out.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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