oh my holy fuck

Alright, Awfulketeers! Get out those score cards and pay attention because it's drinking game time and this video has it all!

Take a sip every time you notice:

  1. Anime
  2. Music from Final Fantasy 6
  3. A guy dressed in a horse costume
  4. A guy dressed in the gayest horse costume ever
  5. An asian man bringing shame unto his family

Take a gulp when you see:

  1. Drugs
  2. Nudity blurred out by pixelation
  3. Nudity blurred out by a black box
  4. Nudity not blurred out at all and yes I'm counting his naked skiing ass as "nudity"
  5. The gas mask he's using to cover what's left of his pride

Down the bottle when:

  1. You see more anime than you can shake a hattori hanzo steel katana at
  2. He nakedly humps a statue of what appears to be Vladimir Lenin
  3. You see Japanese shit that you can't understand (and I don't just mean the text)
  4. You realize this is part 3 in a 3-part series and that this means there are more videos like this
  5. It finally dawns on you that God doesn't exist or if he does exist, he has forsaken us by letting this video exist and not destroying this cretin's town with fire and/or brimstone.

Welp, now that my entire audience is dead from alcohol poisoning, I guess I can say whatever I want.

Donkey dicks donkey dicks donkey dicks donkey dicks.

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