Re: Why icp is just different now

Holy shit. Hold up a minute:You're trying to tell me that an ICP fan is a retarded, fat, droopy manchild? I do not believe you. Literally. I literally can't believe this could be true. My entire fucking world has been redefined, my paradigms shifted, my machines raged against and my boxes thought outside of.

Every thing I have come to expect from so called "reality" has just been turned on it's head. Black is white, up is down and VH1's "I love the *decade*" series is surprisingly funny and relevant. The universe has been forever altered by the revelation that this saggy ape is a fan of ICP.

What? You're trying to tell me that's his mother's house? Shut up shut up SHUT UP. Can't you see I've had enough for one day?

Critics Corner

"dude go out side lose some weight and then make a vid please"


"Fuck all u BITCHES!!!!!!!!! UR all Fucking JUGGLOHOES calling ICP stale returning the tempest. FUCK ALL OF YOU FUCHING JUGGLHOES!!!!!! ICP is and always was and will be the FUCKING SHIT SO FUCK U!!!!!!!!! Its called experementation fagets!!!!!!!! There trying new things!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR NOW!!!!! so fuck off!!!!!"


"Ahaha, this fat bastard is representative of the entire Juggalo nation."


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