AwfulVision Presents: Lasagna Cat

Garfield is the worst comic to ever exist. Paradoxically, these videos are probably some of the best things to come from the internet ever. Apparently manure really does make excellent fertilizer.

The idea is that some guys decided to make really horrible (that is, awesome) costumes and reinact various Garfield comics from over the years. Then, they cap each episode off with a music video featuring the music from artists such as Van Halen, Nine Inch Nails, Fischerspooner and more. I know this sounds really stupid, but seriously it is the best fucking thing EVER.

Peep this shit:

I seriously almost vomitted from laughing so hard at the spinning hairbrush during the music video. Then I saw the "goth" Jim Davis at the end and actually did vomit. Thanks Lasagna Cat!



Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzt.

If this video fails to move you, you have no soul. Why, it's as American as Baseball, Apple Pie and Sim City 2000!

RIGHT NOW someone is loling while watching this video.

Jon seems uncharacteristically cautious about the funkiness of Garfield's dance.

My, what glowing reviews!

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