It's been a while since Comedy Goldmine featured a Choose Your Own Adventure-style format, because a) this sort of thread is rare these days b) even when there's a successful one, they're often ungainly in length and/or lacking in visual appeal. However, Gaspy Conana has done a fine job of crafting Sierra-style art and manually limiting his thread's length, making "Alone in a Cave" a rare worthy CYOA showcase. The storyline remains in progress, so if you get hooked and want to follow along or make your own suggestions, you can do so on the SA Forums!

Gaspy Conana


Where did dad go?

Organic Robot

Eat the paper.


Jump into the fire.


Read the note!

Gaspy Conana



Cpt.Sean Luc Picard

Yell loudly and see how long the echo lasts.

Mr. Giggles

Freak the fuck out because your Dad isn't around

i brought sauce

Okay, now eat the note. You'll be getting nutritious fiber and also preventing "them" from reading it!


Might as well enjoy a nice warm dinner!

Gaspy Conana

Admiral Bosch

Leave the cave.

That Which Squeaks


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