danifestmestny posted:

Status: Looking for a guide ...

Status: Connected to guide: DelaineL

DelaineL: Hi there. I will be helping with your search.

DelaineL: Good morning and how are you doing?

You: hi i need to know the name of a song i just heard

DelaineL: Any type of lyrics or singer you know to help me search?

You: i dont know the name or who sings it and i couldnt make out a lot of the words but it was very catchy

You: it was something pop-rock like, justin timberlake type stuff but i know it wasnt him

You: i think it wasnt him

You: maybe if i describe it though

DelaineL: I can send a site or two you may check out, if that would help.

DelaineL: Thanks for coming to ChaCha! Give me a moment while I do all your searching for you!

You: it started with a really high pitch whir then a bass loop that went "bow a dowdowbow, bow a dow; bow a dowdowbow, bow a dow

DelaineL: One moment.

You: then a background singer (female) started in with some oooohs and aahs type stuff

You: then the lead singer/rapper/whatever came in and started singing about a girl

You: and that he either owed her money or she owed him money

You: but they were in love so it didnt really matter

DelaineL: Sending you some sites for you to check out that may help you, one moment please.

You: are you finding anything or does that sound like a familiar song to you

DelaineL: Sent you a couple of sites.

DelaineL: I appreciate your patience while I find exactly what you need.

You: i could tell by the way he was singing that he was black

You: you know what i mean?

DelaineL: Yes.

You: he sounded black

You: like he kept saying the n word

You: ok let me try to remember more

You: i think the chorus has him singing like 4 lines and then the background singer repeats them and then he repeats them and then the background singer actually sings her own verse

You: she sounded black too

You: you know what i mean when i say she sounded black?

You: and during her part she kept saying o baby and stuff and wanting the man to buy her things

You: do you know this sonf

You: song

You: help

DelaineL: Searching yet.

You: what

You: do you need more clues?

You: during the chorus and right before it the music changes and this beat comes on like "tap tap tappa DOM DOM tap tap tappa DOMDOMDOMDOM tappa tappa"

DelaineL: Are these results sufficient?

You: no none of these have a black guy and a black girl singing about buying presents for each other

DelaineL: Thats all I can come up with, with the information you provided me.

You: but what about the beats

You: did you search for the beats

DelaineL: Yes

DelaineL: Thank you for using ChaCha!

Status: Session ended.

RichardHenley posted:

Status: Looking for a guide ...

Status: Connected to guide: AndrewJ

AndrewJ: Hi, what can I find for you today?

You: Well, I've been hopping from guide to guide, with minimal success (2 good results, though) so maybe you can help me

You: My son is sick and loves cats, so I want to amuse him with photos of cats seemingly defying gravity, and floating

You: Now we're getting somewhere

You: I once had a nightmare like that 2nd photo

AndrewJ: lol, oh really i bet that was scary...

AndrewJ: I'd be terrified if I saw that!

AndrewJ: Are these the type of pics your looking for?

You: I had locked myself in a bathroom, to escape these kittens that were chasing after me in great numbers, and thouught I was safe

AndrewJ: lol, of course, cuz the bathroom is the best place to hide from crazy kittens

You: But then a paw slipped under the door. And then a head. And then they started crawling under the door at me, upside down

AndrewJ: wow, sounds terrifying

You: Their mouths open impossibly wide, emitting black fluid and unnatural croaking noises

You: Yeah, it was pretty damn weird

You: I woke up in my neighbours front yard, covered in blood

You: Apparently I had acted out my self-defense against these cats on THEIR cats

AndrewJ: wow, thats sounds horrible

You: I told them they shouldnt have raised Socks to be an outdoor cat

You: They thought that it had gone off into the woods to die or something, but the jokes on them. I have it, stuffed on my mantle

You: Some day I'm going to ring their doorbell and leave Socks on their porch

AndrewJ: lol, wow thats pretty harsh

AndrewJ: are they horrible neighbors or sumthin?

You: No, but I am

AndrewJ: ah, makes sense


AndrewJ: Do those help or do u need more?

You: These are pretty awesome

AndrewJ: Great!

You: If I take the duct tape off, I am sure my son will smile (He is mentally challenged, and screams a lot, you see)

You: I don't even know HOW he could have gotten sick, but feel it is my duty to cheer him up

AndrewJ: Well that's always good I don't think you should duct tape his mouth shut though, even if he screams a lot

AndrewJ: You should probably try and find other ways to help keep him quiet

You: Like what

You: Hey, maybe we could search for that!

AndrewJ: we could

-Search result: Raising Children - The Mentally Challenged Child

AndrewJ: Anything else I can help you find tonite?

You: Hmm

You: Can you recommend me a good psychiatrist

You: No, wait, what is the best defense against attacking cats

You: In case my dream was prophetic, and it's actually going to happen in real life soon

AndrewJ: I'm looking for it right now

You: Okay, thank you

AndrewJ: I'm sorry, I can not find it

AndrewJ: I think that all you'd have to do is kick the cats and you'll be fine

You: Drat, I guess I'll just have to keep a baseball bat on hand, or something

AndrewJ: yea, keep a bat in the bathroom at all times just to be sure

You: That is good advice, and I shall kep it in mind

You: Well, he has started acting up again, so I must go tend to my son

You: You have been *very* helpful

AndrewJ: ok

AndrewJ: Have a great nite!

AndrewJ: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.

Status: Session ended.

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