naic posted:

Exit through the door.


contestant posted:

Sing a song to the earth-animal. Be careful not to be bitten!

All hail Xxanthia!
Planet strong with might!
We will go to your planet,

SquirrelPrincess posted:

Put the tiny furry Earthling in your briefcase to take as a gift to Microsoft. It is considered impolite in human culture to go to Microsoft without bearing a small token of goodwill. This would make an excellent gift!


> Drop sandwich

I have placed the small creature in my "brief case".

contestant posted:

Climb the ladder carefully. Press X when in front of ladders to climb!

I have emerged from the underground lair.

whiskas posted:

Walk towards the red dude and ask him how to get to microsoft.

The human replies by presenting a sharp metallic object and demanding my "wallet".

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