joobuman posted:

The strange voice coming from the phone must not learn who you are. Destroy said device

Bajee posted:

The guy in the white already warned the enemy of your plans with that device. Take his beverage and throw it in his face, its standard human warning behavior.

Device destroyed. Proceeding with beverage attack.

DLane posted:

The human in purple saw you. Attack her using what you learned from watching the black box.

Humans are so easily defeated by their own kind. This club has a mighty power.

Guido Sarducci posted:

Confiscate the human's "purse" (the purple thing she left behind) and take all of its contents for yourself. To humans, this is a widely accepted practice known as "capitalism," and efficient handling of it may result in the other human offering you his service.

"Purse" stored in "brief case".

Kojiro posted:

Woah woah, that human is about to attack you! Utilise your newfound "brief case". It can be activated by moving it swiftly in a sideways trajectory towards his head.

Projectile on target.

DLane posted:

Take his tie, while you're at it, rip off his face and use it as a disguise.

Tie taken. Second disguise would be redundant, aborted face removal.

gavsto2004 posted:

Quick! Press the red button by the door

I'm doing this as fast as I can.

The vehicle has stopped. Ouch.

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