Are you caught up on current events? If not, here's a hot tip from Yabanjin. It seems Kim Jong-un just received a string of promotions that cements his status as successor to the office of Eternal President of North Korea. Few confirmed photographs of Kim exist, leaving Yabanjin to wonder: What will his official portrait look like? He posed the question, the SA Forum Goons provided answers, and everyone learned a little about North Korea. Very little.

*On a related note, are you caught up on Something Awful front-page compilation updates? If not, here's a hot tip for you: The images on page 3 include themes that were previously featured in Comedy Goldmine and Photoshop Phriday, and if you click on the name of the submitter, it will take you to that article for remedial meme instruction. This is not a clips show. Now, enjoy this loosely related parade of references to our previously published material!






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