> do we still have control of the underwater drone? check what the drone is doing


> Actually start looking for the missing airplane but in a really ironic way



> detain the strange fish for questioning re: the whereabouts of MH370

Suicide Sam E.

> Follow fish with drone. The fish is probably on its way to eat jet passenger corpses


> Christen the fish "MH370" then radio in that you've found it


The Bananana

> Aim gun at Wolf and Co. and ask them to join your Pirate Crew. Death is the only alternative.

Incredulous Dylan

> slowly convert him to the pirate's life after weeks of struggle and then triumph


> Inform Wolf of your sexuality while repeatedly calling him Anderson Cooper.


> Tell him you will show him MH370, then show him the fish on the drone camera


cock hero flux

> shoot wolf, take the microphone, start reporting in an exaggerated style mocking him


> Feed Wolf Blitzer into one of the outboard motors feet first. Insist he report on his own death.


Fister Roboto

> find cure for lady gaga's cat's leukemia

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