This update...

Was a huge pain. This is mostly because, as of this writing, I have been awake for about 35 hours painting/cleaning/moving into a new house. Then I had to write this. Of course, just like the last "Hidden Gems", it was all fake. Big props to Dr. David Thorpe for fulfilling my last-minute request to help me clear some of the work out. He's responsible for a whole 20% of the jokes here!

I was going to do a big Daily Dirt about the moving process and my Wii, but that's going to have to wait until next time since I fell asleep writing this. Seriously.

Pregame Wrapup

Because of moving and finals we had to skip over PW last week, but fret not! We'll be back the next time our slot comes up and we'll never miss a PW again. Scout's honor. Keep emailing me questions about your favorite sport and I'll try to answer them in the Ball Bag section.

Last Segment

Usually I put a wacky picture or something here and then wrap up. This time I won't even do that. Instead I'll thank everyone who takes time to write in. I love hearing from readers and I always try to reply to emails.

~goodnight goons~

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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