Harpy by Kat

Steve: Oh heck yeah now this is what I'm talking about. You just straight up take that ugly, big-titty harpy and you turn her into some little foxy elf woman.

Zack: Would you do turkey legs here?

Steve: I'd snap her wishbone dude.

Zack: I don't know about that. I'd be afraid of those hands. I bet she can't wipe too well with those things.

Steve: She'd look like a turducken when I was done with her.

Leucrotta by Suleyman

Steve: The Leucrotta is hated by all.

Zack: There's somebody out there that would answer her ad on Craigslist. Looking For: Newports.

Steve: The only person who is going to track her down wants the XP.

Zack: There are different ways to earn the XP, Steve.

Steve: Noooo!
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