Heroes Unlimited Ridiculous Pose #1

Zack: Steve, I love the random heroes standing in totally awkward, almost impossible, positions.

Steve: It's called dynamic posing. Those dudes are busy being bad asses.

Zack: I like to imagine that this guy isn't doing anything bad ass at all. This is his natural gait. He's just walking through the supermarket rotating his torso and swinging his stiff arms around.

Steve: I doubt this is his normal walking around style. He looks upset.

Zack: They're all out of his K-cups! ONLY DECAF!!!

Steve: He shouldn't be in a grocery store without shoes on. That's going to cause an uproar over by the deli.

Heroes Unlimited Ridiculous Pose #2

Zack: Startled midway through launching a discus.

Steve: Her arm coming out of the back of her head makes her look like an ice cream cone. Or maybe like her head is a turret and her arm is the gun.

Zack: Her elbow must be inverted. Background arm there flopping around like a sock full of oranges.

Steve: I would still probably do her.

Zack: Let's be honest here. You would probably do that pug-faced rabbit alien from a couple pages back.

Steve: Was that even a girl alien?

Zack: Don't make me guess. Buy it a drink and work that game.

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